When the heat is on, and adrenaline is pumping, you rely solely on muscle
memory and pure instinct. The question now becomes… is your training effective enough to defend yourself?

Dear Friend,

There is nothing worse than signing on with a commercial martial arts school only to find yourself consistently in the back of the studio, struggling to pick up on fancy and complicated techniques and wondering is it me that I can’t make this work? Other thoughts that might go through your mind are… “Wow, this is a complete waste of money”, “Why can’t I pick up on this technique?”… Or… “I feel like this will never work on the street”.

Even if you do pick up on the technique, you often feel like you are bound by the pattern sequence. You feel like you can only make it work in training sessions but not at will. After a while you just go through the motions, go through the belt ranks and hope that all this time and money will pay off when it counts.

Many commercial martial arts schools of today teach fancy unpractical techniques with no explanation of the “whys” in a way that students become pattern hungry versus spontaneous and effective martial artists. When your life, or a loved one’s, is in danger by a sociopath, mugger, killer or rapist, do you want to be effective or not?

Basic Fundamentals by Leo Lacerte

The best way to defend yourself, spouse, child or friend is
having a VERY solid foundation of self defense basics.

As a black belt in many styles, martial arts instructor for over 40 years, security professional and street wise fighter I’ve seen thousands of martial artists in my time “freeze
up” at a moment they need to make a move to defend themselves.

Why? They lacked the proper foundation of basics to
spontaneously and effectively defend themselves.


Fortunately you have come to the right place! Through years of teaching, traveling, learning and real life experience, I have found that
Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate is the most street wise and practical system available today. Therefore I have put together a comprehensive
book on Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Basics that will be your perfect guide into developing quality and effective self defense.

Let me explain something. Self defense is nothing more than a bunch of basics combined, that when utilized properly, have an effective result.
Grand Master Ed Parker, Father of American Karate said it best, “While practice locks in our knowledge of Basics, Instinct is what makes it free.”
Proper time given to basics leads to spontaneity when you rely on your instincts in a self defense situation.

In this manual I have broken down each basic so it is easy to follow and understand.

How would you like to:
     • Increase your speed and power
     • Increase your reaction time and mobility
     • Become totally spontaneous in an altercation
     • How to instantly react with proper timing, relaxation and effectiveness
     • Not freeze when dealing with an attack
     • Learn obscure strikes that your attacker never sees!
     • Learn street self defense as it should be taught
     • How to use virtually every part of your body as a weapon
       and much, much more!

For the past 30 years I have been teaching Ed Parker’s American Kenpo in a non commercial setting where real life situations and hard training
on basics take place.

Here's what just a few of my students are saying:

"Mr. Lacerte has a keen understanding of the basics and explains them in a way which I completely understand. My self defense skills have
risen tremendously and feel confident that when an altercation should ever happen, that my muscle memory will serve me well. I have trained
with many Kenpo people and Mr. Lacerte is definitely THE best Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Instructor out there today.”

                                - Mike Gauthier
                                                1st Degree Black Ed Parker’s Kenpo
                                                1st Degree Black Bet Your Life Combative Fighting Skills


“This book is detailed enough for seasoned martial artist, yet simple to understand for the beginner. It has helped me enhance my abilities to
the next level through a thorough knowledge of basics. Thank you Leo.

                                -Mark Freitas


Imagine being able to defend yourself with precision, power, speed, timing and complete spontaneity? Well the key is proper training of the
basics in application until you have them perfected.

Basics are the answer and I’ll show you how to apply them.
You'll learn all the basics needed for quality self defense in this detailed, yet easy to understand manual. Train hard, train smart.
Order this book today and begin on the path to spontaneity and practical self defense.

The Ed Parker’s Basic Fundamentals is over 250 pages with hundreds of illustrations! Each basic is broken down in detail that’s easy to
understand. Throughout the book, I also share with you stories and insights from my own experiences that will aid you in self defense.
This book is available in soft cover for $19.99 and hard cover for $29.99, shipping not included. Order today and take the first steps towards
spontaneous self defense!


Leo Lacerte

Leo Lacerte
6th Degree Black – Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate


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